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Inground Swimming Pool Financing


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"We love our pool! The kids are in it all the time. They love having their friends over to swim. It was unbelievable how quickly you built the pool and how hard you and your crews worked to get it ready for us. We will recommend you for sure!"                         Raul and Amy Guerrero

​​Financing available. Click on the link to find out all the details about swimming pool financing 

The time to build your backyard dream is now. With financing, your dreams can finally become a reality.

​Everybody deserves to own a swimming pool or spa. TLC Pools and Spas want to help in any way we can. That is why we have teamed with experienced financial experts that also know swimming pools. Pools, spas and water features are not only beautiful and fun, but can add to the value of your home. Finding a company who is knowledgeable about pool financing is the key to making your backyard dream an affordable reality.

• Access to multiple financing programs which allows you to easily tailor a manageable monthly payment to your situation

​• A bank might do one swimming pool loan a week, but we help find pool financing all the time, so you can be assured that we understand what you need.

​Don't let the sticker shock keep you from getting the pool of your dreams. Financing a pool is just like financing a house, car or any other major purchase. A seemingly overwhelming sum can be easily broken down into manageable monthly payments. Let us show you! Start the Process
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